Lahkavad vestlused - Dissecting talks

Lahkavad vestlused (Dissecting talks) was a series of talks I organized with various cultural figures at the Estonian Academy of Arts throughout 2013. The idea was to talk about the sorry situation of the academy (its building recently demolished and people loosing belief in the continuity of the institution) without ever mentioning the word EKA (Estonian Academy of Arts).

Erkki Luuk, Berk Vaher, Marek Tamm, Aliina Astrova, Laur Kaunissaare, Rael Artel and Mihkel Kunnus gave talks. Some of the talks were later transcribed and published in the catalogue of the final degree show in 2013.
Art in Estonia and Beyond
Artist Talk with Liisa Kruusmägi and Liisi Küla

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