My Life Through Self-Publishing

Asterisk - once a bookshop on wheels, now an independent graphic design summer school - invited me to give a talk during an event devoted to independent publishing. 

The event took place on the 29th of July at Theatre No99's temporary Straw Theatre.  Marit Illison, Laur Kaunissaare, Gregor Taul, Indrek Sirkel, Ingrid Ruudi and Maarin Mürk as well as Jaan Evart talked about DIY publishing from various aspects.

I presented a self-mockering but good-willing talk on my whole life through the prism of self-publishing. It was great fun and many good things began from there for me.

Here is the recording of my talk (in Estonian): //
Art in the Streets of St Petersburg
Towards a Nation-wide Flea-market

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