Reading seminar

Theory/reading seminar for first year MA students of the Design and Crafts curriculum of the Estonian Academy of Arts, fall 2020.
Reading list:

1) Introduction

2) Ways of perceiving

– Beatriz Colomina & Mark Wigley 1st chapter “The Mirror of Design” from the book Are We Human?

– Raymond Queneau Exercises in Style, 1947.

– Billy Ehn “Doing-it-yourself: autoethnography of manual work”, 2011

3) Things

– Bjørnar Olsen “Reclaiming Things: An Archaeology of Matter”

4) Experience

– Janneke Wesseling “Of Sponge, Stone and the Intertwinement with the Here and Now”

5) Queering design theory

– Ece Canlı “Design History, Interrupted: A Queer-Feminist Perspective”

6) Between fact and fiction

– Adam Curtis Hypernormalisation (documentry film)

– Marci Shore “A pre-history of post-truth, East and West”

7) Conclusion

Besides reading, for each class students had to make a creative project in connection to the topic discussed.
Eastern Europe Will Be Yours!
Estonian Culture at Crossroads

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