Survival Trip - London 48

In fall 2015 I took the 12 students of interior design for a "survival trip" to London where they had to survive on their own for 48 hours without no money, food or telephones.

Previously in Tallinn I gave a 2-day long seminar on how to survive in a megalopolis without anything at all.

We flew to Stansted. Took a train to the Liverpool Street Station. I bought them Oyster cards, uploaded 5 pounds on each card and got on the Circle Line. In each station I kicked one of the students out of the carriage and he/she was expected to be back in the Liverpool Street station after 48 hours. Students were not allowed to have any money, food, mobile phones with them. They were equipped with disposable cameras and diaries. Oh, and cigarette packs they, which were allowed to sell to earn money!

Everyone survived!

Some pictures by the students:

Oh my diary
Art in Public Space, old and new

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